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The EADT eV combines practice, science and dental technology in dentistry and dental technology - for everyone who wants a little more and for everyone who lives modern dentistry with passion.

Where team spirit inspires the exchange of knowledge.

EADT eV – European Association of Dental Technology

Discover with us a world in which dentistry and dental technology meet scientific principles and modern dental technology. Welcome to EADT eV We rely on enriching teamwork and active exchange. Our goal? The combination of research, practice and evidence to provide users in dentistry and dental technology with helpful knowledge.


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Dental technology


About EADT

The EADT eV is a dynamic, interdisciplinary community of experts from dentistry, dental technology, science and dental technology. Our goal is to create an inspiring platform that promotes interdisciplinary exchange and helps to continuously improve work in the practice and laboratory - for the benefit of patients.

Our members

For us, everything revolves around solid specialist knowledge and lively exchange. No matter whether dentistry, dental technology, science or dental technology – we bring together many professions and that makes us special. Many of our members actively participate in the association's work by passing on knowledge, asking questions or stimulating discussions.

Our industry partners

Dentistry is a multifaceted field that thrives on innovation. In good partnership with the dental industry, we ensure that evidence-based specialist knowledge does not remain theoretical, but can also be implemented. Our industry partners support our work neutrally and objectively and are equal members of EADT eV because we are all part of prosthetic dentistry.


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