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Pretreatment and aging of zirconia: Effect on different material properties

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Implant prosthetics (Part 3) – Angulated screw channels for occlusal screw...

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TEAM Talk “Zirconia”: The key messages

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Multiple firings of veneered zirconia restorations: Influence on thermal and mechanical...

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Sharing is caring: Der TEAM-DAY 2022 in Berlin

Für den 7. Mai 2022 lädt der EADT e.V. zum zweiten TEAM-DAY nach Berlin ein... Mehr

High-speed-sintering of zirconia – relevant scientific findings for the user briefly...

For some time now, „high-speed sintering” of zirconia restorations has been possible. In this overview,... Mehr

Two-body wear of printed and milled splint materials

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Dental 3D printing – an overview

3D printing: Additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly important in dentistry and dental technology especially for... Mehr

High-speed sintering of zirconia

What is the influence of high-speed sintering of zirconia on the accuracy (trueness and reproducibility)... Mehr