About EADT

About EADT

The EADT e.V. (European Association of Dental Technology) stands for the active exchange between dental technology, dentistry, science and technology. As a specialist society, we have a clear task: the symbiosis of scientific knowledge and practical application. We support dentists and dental technicians with evidence-based know-how! In this way we ensure quality-conscious prosthetic dentistry; for dentists, dental technicians and patients. The EADT e.V. stands for modern prosthetic dentistry that is based on scientific knowledge – for the “now” and for the future.

"Expertise, application and implementation of knowledge are essential in modern dental technology. Only in this way will the dental technician, as an indispensable expert for dentists and patients, be able to do justice to all questions relating to prosthetics in the future. "

- Andreas Kunz (master dental technician), President, EADT e.V.

"The close cooperation between dentist, dental technician and scientist based on evidence-based current knowledge is essential for successful aesthetic and functional prosthetic restoration."

- Anja Liebermann (dentist), board member, EADT e.V.

“Our work has to find its way from the laboratory into practice. All newly researched knowledge should be put into practice and all new developments must be scientifically and practically examined. Ultimately, the patient must benefit from the collaboration between the dentist, dental technician, scientist and dental technologist. ”
- Bogna Stawarczyk (dental technology scientist), board member, EADT e.V.

"I consider the constellation of EADT e.V. ideal to live a professionally based cooperation in prosthetic dentistry. The close cooperation between the dentist and the dental technician based on scientific knowledge enables the patient to receive high quality therapy."

- Annett Kieschnick (specialist journalist), EADT e.V.

We do our job together with our members from practice, laboratory and university. We work with other specialist societies and the dental industry – because we are all part of prosthetic dentistry.

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