“Step-by-Step”: Fixation of glass-ceramic restorations

Glass-ceramic restorations (e.g. lithium (di)silicate, feldspar/leucite ceramic) are adhesively attached to the abutment tooth due to their material properties. With regard to the fastening concepts, a distinction must be made between (conventional) adhesive materials and self-adhesive materials. The work steps differ in a few key points.

With this “Step-by-Step” overview graphic, the authors provide a recommendation for the cementation of glass-ceramic restorations. The individual work steps are clearly visualized. The clear graphic structure provides dentists with a guide for everyday practice. The graphic can be downloaded free of charge. download PDF

© Bogna Stawarczyk, Anja Liebermann, Annett Kieschnick

Further information: Read an article here on the topic “Adhesive or traditional? – Which type of fastening should be chosen?” Link


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