High-speed-sintering of zirconia – relevant scientific findings for the user briefly summarized

High-speed-sintering of zirconia – relevant scientific findings for the user briefly summarized


For some time now, „high-speed sintering” of zirconia restorations has been possible. In this overview, relevant scientific findings are presented briefly and condensed to the essentials.

Felicitas Mayinger, Annett Kieschnick, Bogna Stawarczyk

Sintering protocols of zirconia with

  • a holding time of approx. 5 – 20 min,
  • a heating rate > 200 °C/min and
  • a final sintering temperature > 1560 °C/min

are summarized und the term „High-speed-sintering“.

High-speed-sintering of zirconia

Illustration adapted from „High-Speed-Sintern von Zirkonoxid“ by Bogna Stawarczyk, Annett Kieschnik, Martin Rosentritt, Felicitas Mayinger (Quintessenz Zahntechnik 2021, Ausgabe 5)

What effects do these sintering parameters have on the fabricated zirconia restorations?The following table summarizes the scientific findings of selected investigations for the user:


Literature sources and link to the publication

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