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High-speed-sintering of zirconia – relevant scientific findings for the user briefly...

For some time now, „high-speed sintering” of zirconia restorations has been possible. In this overview,... Mehr

Two-body wear of printed and milled splint materials

How do splint materials produced by different CAD/CAM manufacturing methods (milling process, 3D printing process)... Mehr

Dental 3D printing – an overview

3D printing: Additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly important in dentistry and dental technology especially for... Mehr

High-speed sintering of zirconia

What is the influence of high-speed sintering of zirconia on the accuracy (trueness and reproducibility)... Mehr

In-vitro investigation: Conometric concept for implant-supported single crowns

Conometric concept for implant-supported single crowns The conometric concept enables a single crown to be fixed... Mehr

Free of charge for EADT members: Materials Science Compendium

We provide knowledge! As a member of EADT e.V., you will receive the books from... Mehr

Annual General Meeting EADT e.V. 2019

The annual general meeting of EADT e.V. took place in Berlin on November 29, 2019... Mehr

Okklusionsonlays: Wie ist die klinische Langzeitperformance?

Anja Liebermann, Annett Kieschnick, Bogna Stawarczyk Okklusionsonlays (auch Table Tops) zählen zu einem modernen Therapiemittel für... Mehr
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