Annual General Meeting EADT e.V. 2019

Annual General Meeting EADT e.V. 2019


The annual general meeting of EADT e.V. took place in Berlin on November 29, 2019. The board discussed the goals, values, tasks and plans of the association together with members.

The focus of the association’s work of the EADT e.V. is the exchange between dental technology, dentistry, science and dental technology. At the annual general meeting, Andreas Kunz (President e.V.) emphasized that the professional society has a clear task in mind: the symbiosis of scientific knowledge and practical application. Dentists and dental technicians should be supported in their everyday work with evidence-based know-how. The association fulfills this task together with members from practice, laboratory and university. We work together with other specialist societies, publishers and the dental industry; because they are all part of dentistry / dental technology. This cohesion and the similarities make up the association’s work. Current articles (dental materials science and application technology, articles from practice and laboratory) are regularly published on the website of EADT e.V. Members regularly receive newsletters, benefit from a lively network, can actively participate in the work of the association and participate in TEAM-DAY for a reduced ticket fee. In addition, a wide variety of technical documents (e.g. step-by-step instructions for practice and laboratory) are available as PDFs for free download.


In addition to association numbers, data and facts, the TEAM-DAY 2020 was an important focus of the 2019 Annual General Meeting. TEAM-DAY as a “congress format” was created to live the work and goals of EADT e.V. on stage. The first TEAM-DAY in 2018 was successful. 2020 will be the second round. The EADT board has carefully put together the program. The teams of speakers come from the university as well as from practice and the laboratory. The generic term of the 2nd TEAM-DAY is “KontroVers”. The speakers will work on their topic from different perspectives. Andreas Kunz emphasized the conscious decision of the EADT e.V. to offer the TEAM-DAY without sponsoring or promoting the industry, in order to guarantee the greatest possible independence and neutrality. TEAM-DAY is an independent, self-sufficient event for dentists, dental technicians, dental technologists, scientists and industry: from everyone for everyone!

Looking forward!

EADT e.V. will continue to work actively for the successful cooperation of the various professions (dentists, dental technicians, dental technologists, scientists). The annual general meeting gave new impulses. Inspiring ideas for imparting specialist knowledge (e.g. moving images) as well as exciting concepts and interesting formats for the exchange with each other will determine the future of EADT e.V.