ADT 2021: 3 days of live stream including on demand access

Since its founding, the “Working Group on Dental Technology” (ADT) has stood for professional and scientific exchange between dental technology, dentistry, universities and industry. In addition to the pleasant “family” conference atmosphere, the topicality of the topics as well as the lively discussions and personal conversations made a significant contribution to the success story.

The platform for this will also be paved in 2021 - albeit under completely different conditions. Under the conference theme “Patient-oriented diagnostics and therapy in a team – from analogue competence to artificial intelligence”, the lectures will be streamed live (June 3th to June 5th) including on demand access (until June 30.06.2021, XNUMX). Participants can obtain comprehensive information about current developments in dental technology. The lectures cover many topics; The speakers travel together with the participants through the complex world of prosthetic dentistry. Interactive: Questions can be asked to the speakers via a “message box” below the live stream.


Monday, 20 of November 2024
16: 00 18 to: 00 pm

TEAM talk

for dentistry, dental technology, dental technology, science